Classification of Throttle Valves

- Mar 08, 2019-

Throttle valve According to the channel mode can be divided into straight-through and angular type two; According to the shape of the opening and closing parts, there are needle shape, Groove shape and window shape three kinds. Adjustable throttle valve: valve needle and valve core using cemented carbide manufacturing, products according to the API6A standard design, with wear-resistant, scour-resistant performance.

Mainly used in wellhead oil recovery (gas) tree equipment. Sliding sleeve throttle valve: valve core using low noise balance structure, open light, product according to API6A standard design, valve core surface covering tungsten carbide, suitable for flash, high pressure difference, high pressure, cavitation and other conditions harsh occasions, long service life, flow regulation accuracy greatly improved.

Suitable for oil, natural gas, chemical, oil refining, hydropower and other industries.