Composition of electronic throttle

- Mar 05, 2019-

1. Accelerator pedal module with accelerator pedal position sensor-used to determine the pedal position and pass the pedal position signal to the control unit 

2. Engine control Unit (ECU)-Receive pedal position sensor signal, according to input voltage signal calculation to know the required power. And according to other such as emergency acceleration, air conditioning, automatic transmission start torque signal, calculate the actual throttle opening.

While also monitoring the throttle system.

3. Throttle Control Unit-control the required intake amount, according to the control system to provide signal regulation throttle opening, feedback throttle signal.

4. Throttle fault lamp (Volkswagen model for EPC lamp on instrument)-provides throttle fault information to driver

5. Sensor and Actuator Sensor: accelerator pedal module with throttle pedal sensor G79,G185, G187,G188 with throttle opening sensor, throttle controller J338,

Clutch pedal Switch F36, brake pedal switch F47, brake light switch F 6. Actuator: G186 and G338 with throttle drive, throttle fault lamp K132c (paddle converter, equivalent with oil float) control system to determine the pedal position based on two signals. 2 signal values are the opposite, forming a contrast.