Maintenance method of Throttle

- Mar 09, 2019-

How to clean and prevent need to pay attention to:

1, should be disassembled and cleaned;

2, to correct some of the cleaning errors of the throttle;

3, the formation

Throttle dirt is mainly due to oil steam, followed by particles and moisture in the air, that is, in the use of qualified air filtration and remove the crankcase ventilator, the throttle pollution rate will be much slower.

Crankshaft box built-in crankshaft, the bottom of the connection oil bottom, this part of the operating temperature around 100°~180°.

Let out the gas.

Oil in use will be heated evaporation, the longer the use of time, the higher the temperature, the stronger the evaporation, coupled with the cylinder compression gas how much will be squeezed through the gap in the piston ring into the crankcase, so there must be a channel to release the gas, otherwise the oil bottom will form a positive pressure.

Negative pressure pumping The reason why the crankcase ventilator is connected to the throttle is, on the one hand, environmental requirements, and on the other hand, the gas is extracted from the crankcase by the negative pressure of the intake.

Oil-bearing steam reaches the inlet pipe when cold, where the oil will condense on the inlet and throttle, and then the steam mixed with carbon will also be deposited in these areas, because the throttle open gap air flow is the largest, space is small, gas temperature is also low, so this part is the most prone to condensation.

Cleaning frequency Therefore, how long the throttle will be dirty depends on the air filtration quality, the use of oil brand, quality, driving section status, air temperature status, engine operating temperature, driving habits and so on.

Even as far as the individual is concerned, it is not possible to determine the cleaning throttle time with a fixed number of kilometers, the first cleaning throttle interval is the longest, after the crankcase ventilator and inlet oil and gas condensation, the cleaning frequency will increase, and different weather events will also affect the speed of throttle dirt.