The name source of the intake manifold

- Mar 12, 2019-

The intake manifold is located between the throttle and the engine inlet door, which is called the "manifold" because the air enters the throttle, after the manifold buffer system, the Air runner is "divided", corresponding to the number of engine cylinders, such as four cylinder engine has four, five cylinder engine has five, the air is imported into each cylinder separately. In the case of natural intake engines, because the intake manifold is located after the throttle, so when the engine throttle is open for an hour, the cylinder can not suck a sufficient amount of air, it will cause a high vacuum of the manifold, and when the engine throttle is open, the vacuum in the intake manifold will become smaller.

Therefore, the jet oil supply engine will be installed in the intake manifold set up a pressure gauge, supply ECU to determine the engine load, and give the right amount of fuel injection.