The role of Throttle body

- Mar 03, 2019-

The other is an electronic throttle, which belongs to the throttle part of the air inlet system of the automobile engine. It includes throttle body, throttle door valve, throttle shaft, DC motor, gear deceleration mechanism, its signal output to single-chip throttle position sensor, but also has torsion spring, one end fixed on the throttle body, the other end fixed on the throttle shaft gear, but also with idle adjustment device: External adjustment screws screwed on the throttle body, The inner adjustment screw is screwed into the outer adjustment screw cavity, the top rod is placed on the outer adjustment screw inner cavity, on which there is a shoulder, the outer end of the top rod before the shoulder is outstretched from the opening of the external adjustment screw, and the spring top is leaning between the top rod shoulder and the internal adjustment screw; Keep the throttle door valve in a slightly resting position.

The invention has the same high and low idling position, which accurately controls the engine inlet volume under idling conditions, and reduces the manufacturing precision.