What is a speed sensor?

- Mar 16, 2019-

Speed sensor is used to detect the speed of the electrically controlled car device, there is a control computer with this input signal to control the engine idling, automatic transmission of the torsion device lock, automatic transmission shift and engine cooling fan opening and closing and cruising speed and other functions. The output signal of the speed sensor can be a magnetoelectric AC signal, or a hall-type digital signal or a photoelectric digital signal, the speed sensor is usually installed in the drive bridge shell or transmission shell, the speed sensor signal line is usually packed in a shielded coat, This is to eliminate electromagnetic and RF interference from high-voltage electric firewire and on-board telephones or other electronic devices, to ensure that electronic communications do not cause interruptions, to prevent poor driving performance or other problems, in the automotive magnetoelectric and photoelectric sensors are the two most widely used speed sensors, in Europe,

Magnetoelectric sensors are widely used in various cars in North America and Asia to control speed (VSS), Crankshaft corners (CKP) and camshaft Corners (CMP), and can also be used to feel the speed and position signals of other rotating parts, such as compressor clutches.

The Magnetoelectric speed sensor is an analog AC signal generator, usually composed of a core and coil with two terminal.