Carbon Accumulation Treatment Of Throttle Body

- Mar 11, 2019-

The throttle body will appear in the process of carbon accumulation, (carbon is the dust particles in the air) too much carbon will lead to the car in the idle speed of idling instability. Need to clean, cleaning with carburetor cleaning agent or alcohol cleaning, some also have to remove the stepper motor for disassembly and washing, wash well, and then have to have a professional computer matching ~~ I have a set of self-matching method to share, the key to 2 (not start the car) 30 seconds before stepping on the throttle to pause 30 seconds after loosening Stay for 30 seconds and reopen the engine to see if there is an abnormality in the engine tachometer. If you don't try it two times, go to the repair shop. Match ~~ (the design of each car is not the same) match the price in 10 yuan the relationship is better not to collect money.

If the throttle damage must be changed assembly can go to the store to buy or buy online ~ Choose a quality store general throttle in about 150 except electronic throttle.