Problems To Be Noticed In Throttle Cleaning

- Mar 05, 2019-

If the throttle sludge too much, may cause the engine acceleration is not weak, fuel consumption increases, is a big worry of the owners, then the throttle dirty how to deal with it? Cleaning is done, go to 4S shop soon can be done, but is not every cleaning must go to 4S shop?

In fact, no, you can do it yourself, just don't forget to initialize it. First, the fixed metal beam ring on a little oil, so as to avoid the phenomenon of sliding teeth when disassembling. Remove the throttle hose metal two, the hose removed, far left is the location of the throttle, remove the battery cathode, turn off the ignition switch, the throttle flip plate straight, to the throttle spray a small amount of "carburetor cleaning agent" and then use polyester rag or high-spinning "non-woven" careful scrub, deep throttle,

Where the hand is out of reach, you can use a clip to clamp the rag and scrub carefully. Cleaning throttle can not be disassembled, but be sure to clean the sealing part of the steam, idling motor must be removed to be able to clean, injector borrowing cleaning and non-demolition have advantages and disadvantages, in general, the maintenance station is recommended to avoid disassembly and washing, to prevent other unnecessary waste,

For example, after the demolition of the need to replace the seal ring or blame the installation of some other gaskets, or in the disassembly process of oil leakage, gas and other phenomena delay the owner's time. After cleaning, and then in accordance with the procedure just removed, installed after the start of throttle initialization, cleaning throttle, initialization is necessary, because the computer to adjust the throttle opening, is a memory function, because there was a blockage of sludge, in order to ensure the intake, the computer will automatically adjust the opening of the throttle,

Let the intake be in a normal state.

And after cleaning, there is no blockage of sludge, if the throttle still maintain the previous opening, then it will cause excessive intake, resulting in the engine jitter at startup, and speed up weakness, engine failure lights may also be lit.