Research Status Of Electronic Throttle

- Mar 12, 2019-

The research work of electronic throttle originated in the 1970s, the product came out in the 80 's, and the research on electronic throttle has been developed very rapidly in foreign countries over the years.

The development trend can be summed up as: in the control strategy from linear control to nonlinear control, from the auxiliary electronic throttle developed into an independent electronic throttle system, from a single control function to the integration of a variety of control functions, taking into account the improvement of power, economy, handling stability, emissions and ride comfort. A number of foreign companies have made in-depth research and development of electronic throttle system, such as Germany Bosch,pierburg, the United States Delphi,visteon, Japan Toyota,hitachi,denso, Italy Marelli and other has launched a series of products used in a variety of brands of high-grade cars.

Although some domestic cars, such as POLO, are also equipped with electronic throttle system, but currently there is no systematic in-depth research on ETC, there is no mature products. At present, although some of the domestic high-grade cars, such as Polaroid, Audi, Passat, POLO, Red flag and so on have been equipped with electronic throttle control system, but are imported from abroad technology, its core technology is very little understanding. Thankfully, over the years, China First Automobile group has developed an electronic throttle control system, which has been used in the red flag HQ3 premium sedan. In addition, some colleges and universities in China have carried out research on the electronic throttle control system, and achieved the stage results. For example: Jilin University on the development of automotive Electronic throttle controller, the realization of the controller's dynamic response to meet the design indicators; Hunan University has carried out the research and development of electronic throttle controller based on OSEK/VDX, and constructed the electronic throttle hardware and software architecture based on POW-EROSEK embedded operating system.

The rapid control prototype design of electronic throttle fuzzy controller was carried out by Beijing University of Technology.